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...they started dancing together. You see, just moments earlier, the sweet toddler had started getting fussy.  Mom and dad were worried that the session would have to end, but I quickly remembered from our planning, that she loved this one sweet lullaby.  So, I quickly grabbed my phone and played the song for her. It was such a heartwarming moment, and from then on, mom and dad knew they didn't have to worry about her melting down or getting their favorite moments captured.

We got some beautiful, joyful pictures showing their special family bond, all thanks to that one special song and the Olive and Grace Session Planning Method. It's amazing how a little planning and knowing what makes someone happy can make such a difference in a photo session!

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She snuggled in closer to her mama, and....

It was like magic!

You may be an Olive and Grace Family If you...

Are a family always on the go
Are joyful spirits
Love simplicity
Cherish long-lasting memories
Are easy-going explorers

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If my work and process resonate with you, reach out!  This is when we chat about your vision for a session, how I can help bring that to life, and get your date on the calendar.


The Olive and Grace Photography


Plan your session

This is where the ease of the Olive & Grace Planning Method come into play.  With an easy questionnaire, I will learn more about your session goals, personalities, and preferences in order to personalize your session.  I will suggest the best locations, give you access to the Client Closet, and assist with styling the whole family.


Session Day!

Today's the day for your family to laugh, play, and be yourselves! During your session, we'll move at your family's comfortable pace, capturing all the joyful moments. Don't worry about knowing what to do; I'll guide you through it all while preserving your natural connections.


relive your moments

About three weeks after your session, you'll have the chance to view your photos in a personalized online gallery. This is where you'll choose the digital images and heirloom artwork you would like. Then, these beautiful pieces will be delivered to you, ready to hang proudly on your walls or grace your coffee table, ensuring cherished memories for generations to come.


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When you walk through your living spaces and look at the photos hanging there, you will be able the hear the laughter that was present in that moment.  With artwork made from only the highest quality materials, you are guaranteed to have these memories in your family for decades to come.  These are not just photo prints, but heirloom art pieces to be passed down through the generations.  Your family, your story, your joy are worth preserving.

My focus in photographing your family is to guide you through your session to create authentically joyful and vibrant imagery.  But, the goal of these images is not to just look pretty on a social media feed--though they will, if you want to share them ;).  The goal of these images is to build your family's legacy in the form of tangible memories.  When you sit down with your children years from now and look through your album, you will be able to hold these moments in your hands and feel the joy. 

heirloom artwork

Your story holds so much value, beyond simply residing in the digital world

SEND it over

Tell me a bit about you and your family!   Your favorite family experiences, your most beloved memory, and of course any questions you have!  I can't wait to get to know you and capture the beautiful chapter you are in.

To Hear from you!

My proudest backpacking trip was across the PA Grand Canyon (if you haven't been, I highly recommend!).  I carried my then-9 month old son and our food on my back for the full 30 miles over 3 days!

1. Lover of Backpacking

2. Gift giving aficionado

People are always talking about love languages, and gifting is definitely mine!  Being able to find the perfect gift for someone makes me so happy--and might be why I am holiday shopping all year long.

Ok, seriously, if you have smoothie recipes you love, send them my way.  I haven't met a smoothie I didn't love!

3. Smoothie Enthusiast

I have loved singing my entire life, and recently decided to get back into it!  I am a proud member of Delaware ChoralArts, and love having the opportunity to sing with so many wonderful people!

4. Choral Singer

Ok, this one isn't technically a fun fact about me, since it's my dog that does the fun thing.  He has done a walking handstand since he was a puppy, and it makes me laugh every time!  Ask me at your session to show you a video, because it's amazing.

5. Keeper of Handstand-ing Dog


heirlooms to share for

Museum grade, archival, and beautifully matted prints in a luxurious handcrafted box.  

Matted Print Set


Luxury lay-flat album with your choice of suede cover and engraved design on front. Includes 10 spreads and matching keepsake box.

heirloom album


Professionally matted and framed print on archival paper and mounting, and UV blocking acrylic.

framed fine art