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Family walking in front of Rockwood Park greenhouse by Olive and Grace Photography

A quick introduction

Hi, I’m Kristi, your friendly Philly & Delaware family photographer!  I am so excited to be diving in to a blog dedicated to sharing sessions, tips, and advice for all things family and motherhood!  My hope with this blog is to create a friendly and welcoming experience for you, no matter what stage of parenthood you are in. And share some beautiful photos of some amazing clients while we’re at it 😉

Although I grew up in Delco, I left and lived in Pittsburgh for almost 10 years after high school.  My family and I found our way back and have been living in (and loving) northern Delaware since 2017.  Since being back, my family and I have found so much joy in exploring Philadelphia, Delaware, and the surrounding areas!  I absolutely love the small community feel that our town has to offer, and am constantly out searching for new experiences to share with my littles.  And really, who doesn’t love sharing their own childhood outings with their kids?!  Places like Linvilla Orchards, the Philadelphia Zoo, and the Franklin Institute hold a special place in my heart.  Being able to share these places with my littles has been so fulfilling for me!

I live with a camera in hand

When I became a mom, my love of photography was re-ignited in a way it hadn’t been before.  I wanted so desperately to freeze the moments of babyhood that were passing by so quickly, so back to my camera I went!  Whether we are at home, trying out a new bakery, or biking the trails, I love documenting the new, the mundane, and everything in between.  My focus as a Delaware family photographer is to show the beauty in our connections, and if I didn’t practice this in my own life, how could I preach it to anyone else?

I have always felt so comfortable with anything creative.  I love baking, embroidering, singing, and of course photographing families and growing bellies!  For me, there is something so special about being able to connect with a family or mama-to-be in a way that makes them feel comfortable in front of the camera.

family photographer Kristi Bayerlein standing at Bellefonte Town Hall

I am so excited to meet and connect with more mamas in the area!  If you’re in the Philadelphia/Southeastern PA/Delaware area, I’d love to hear from you.  And if you are looking to have your pregnancy, motherhood journey, or family photographed, reach out to chat!

Philly & Delaware Family Photographer

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