4 Delaware Pediatric Dentists for Your Child’s Dental Health

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Early childhood experiences reflect how a child will feel about the dentist for years to come. The American Academy of Pediatrics and the American Dental Association recommend that children should be visiting a dentist by their first birthday. Unfortunately, even experts agree that one-third of children have experienced dental trauma. These top-notch Delaware Pediatric Dentists are here to help avoid that trauma.

4 Top Delaware Pediatric Dentists

Delaware Pediatric Dentistry

Delaware Pediatric Dentistry is located in Milford, Delaware, and offers the only dental care specializing in pediatrics in Milford. In addition, it serves local cities like Georgetown, Harrington, Dover, Millsboro, and other surrounding areas. Delaware Pediatric Dentistry focuses on preventative care to create lifetime dental health, which is likely a result of the priorities of the head dentist Dr. Gerado Martinez. A Board Certified Pediatric Dentist, he considers children the most impactful age for dental health as the habits they develop during these ages will last a lifetime. Because of this, he focuses on education and prevention.

The dentists at Delaware Pediatric Dentistry understand the importance of an enjoyable dentist experience. Above all, it will affect their future visits and the way they know the importance of healthy teeth. This will then lead to less money, time, and worry spent on the dentist. They have information regarding a first visit on their website to ease parents’ fear and advise how a parent can approach the dentist with their child: not using the words needle, shot, pull, or drill. Instead, the first visit is spent gaining the child’s trust. One way they do this is by allowing the parents to come in with the child.

Wild Smiles for Kids

Wild Smiles for Kids is located on West Main Street in Newark, Delaware. This Delaware pediatric dentistry is a husband-wife duo consisting of “Dr. J,” or Dr. Jay Harris, and Dr. Cathy Harris. They have both been in practice for over 20 years. Wild Smiles use preventative measures like biannual checkups and dental sealants to avoid cavities and tooth decay. They also utilize early orthodontic treatment to “prevent and correct bite irregularities.” Instead of using anesthesia for procedures, they provide dental sedation to ease the child’s fear. They also offer a reward system to make the dentist a fun experience: children can get points for activities like contests, surveys, and social engagement. They can redeem these points for prizes. Wild Smiles lives up to its name by making its office one of the most fun Delaware Pediatric Dentists.

Coastal Kids Pediatric Dentistry

Coastal Kids Pediatric Dentistry seeks to provide your family a safe, stable, and nurturing experience. They have two locations–one in Rehoboth Beach and one in Seaford. Their head dentist, Jessica Dicerbo, is a Diplomat of the American Board of Pediatric Dentistry. She understands the medical field from several angles: from nurse to mom to dentists, she understands the importance of safety. She uses an individualistic approach to focus on the needs of each child because she knows each child is different. Dr. Dicerbo works with patients who have medical diagnoses, as well as those who have mental, emotional, and physical disabilities.

Coastal Kids’ mission is to provide high-quality care focusing on positive dental experiences and the prevention of dental disease. Unlike typical dentistry, Coastal Kids goes beyond dental care and hopes to positively influence the lives of their patients and families in all aspects of their lives. Their services include preventative dentistry, fluoride, digital x-rays, nitrous oxide, sealants, white fillings, silver crowns, nerve treatment, extractions, hospital dentistry, space maintenance, and emergency dental care. In addition, they value integrity, respect, accountability, and communication.

Delaware Pediatric Dentists

There are several options to choose from when looking for a dentist in Delaware. Of course, what’s best for you will depend on age, location, and specific services you’re looking for. However, what you’ll find in common between these Delaware pediatric dentists is that they want your child to come out of the dentist’s happy. If this is your priority, then you can’t go wrong with any of them.

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