Tyler Arboretum | Make the Most of your Visit

Family of three smiling at Tyler Arboretum

As a photographer, I am constantly looking for new and beautiful locations for sessions. I recently was challenged with finding a garden that the gorgeous family above hadn’t been to for us to shoot at, and stumbled upon the Tyler Arboretum. This was the perfect location for what they were looking for, and is now one of my favorite gardens to visit!

As a first time visitor, it is easy to feel overwhelmed, but hopefully with these tips, your visit goes smoothly! Whether you want to simply roam around and explore, or find social activities to join, you are sure to enjoy your time here. Read on to learn my thoughts on how to make the most of your visit to Tyler Arboretum.

Tyler Arboretum

When and How to Visit

The arboretum is located in the Media/Middletown area and open with varying hours year round. This makes it the perfect place to watch the environment change throughout the seasons. Visitors can buy tickets at the visitor center as they enter. There is also a membership available for those who would like to visit often and save some money while doing so. Throughout the year, the Arboretum is host to special events as well. These events serve as fundraisers for the site and offer an exciting experience to those attending.

Family of three in Rhododendron Garden at Tyler Arboretum
Wister Rhododendron Garden

What to Do

Within the grounds of the Arboretum, there are plenty of different areas you can enjoy. The grounds are home to paved walking trails that wander through the main sections of the gardens. Further out, though, you can continue past the paved trails and head on a hike through wooded areas. If you are looking for a more social outing, you can find that here, too. From yoga in the gardens, to bird walks, and kid-friendly storytime, you are sure to find an event that fits what you are after.

My Favorite Spots

As a photographer, I love walking through gorgeously curated gardens, but a few sections at Tyler Arboretum that I love the most are not structurally intricate. The Wister Rhododendron Garden (pictured above) is one of the most fairy tale-esque locations I have seen in a long time. Walking along grassy paths through a field of beautifully bloomed florals is so soothing in my opinion! When we went in May, the flowers were all open and so enchantingly colorful.

Another spot I love at the arboretum is the Fragrant Garden (pictured below). This section has a few benches and chairs that you can sit on to enjoy the view and scents surrounding you. The gardens, staggered in height, are so calming and beautiful to walk through, with so many different colors and scents to take in.

Family in Fragrant Garden at Tyler Arboretum
Fragrant Garden

Have you been to Tyler Arboretum before? Share you experience in the comments of this post!

Tyler Arboretum | Make the Most of Your Visit

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