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Family walking stairs in Valley Garden Park

With so many beautiful gardens and museums around Northern Delaware, it is no surprise that some smaller locations may go mostly unnoticed. Valley Garden Park is one of those places. With rolling hills, foliage, wildflowers, and wildlife living along the creek, it is a beautiful park to escape to during busy seasons of life. As a photographer, I absolutely love this location for sessions of all kinds. I joined this beautiful family for their session, and tagged along as the little ones ran around and explored.

Valley Garden Park is located in Greenville, Delaware on Campbell Rd. You can park with ease in the main parking lot, and begin exploring right from there! Don’t be fooled by the looks of the upper section of the park. The first time I went, I was confused to see a simple field with trees. Where was this oasis that I had been told about? Well, continue along the path and down the stairs (or along the accessible path to the left) to see the full beauty.

collage of family images taken at Valley Garden Park

Features of Valley Garden Park

Wandering through the park, there are paths for every kind of explorer. Whether you want to walk paved paths, find frogs along the creek, or hike through greenery, you will be sure to find a path for you. I try to visit Valley Garden Park frequently with my two little ones. As a result, I have been able to explore different areas, and see its beauty throughout the seasons.

In Spring, you will find the fields filled with blooming flowers and budding trees. During this time, one of my kids’ favorite activities is to search for each color of the rainbow as we wander. And we have gotten so close to finding them all! Your visit in Summer will bring about copious amounts of greenery and frogs along the creek. Because of the low hanging branches and foliage, the trees lining the creek create a dreamy landscape. I find these spots to be my favorite for picnics.

Mom hugging baby in Valley Garden Park

With so many beautiful parks and gardens in Northern Delaware, it is easy to miss a few. I absolutely love Valley Garden Park for both work and recreation! Because of its accessibility and diverse landscape, it is great for kids and adults of all ages and abilities. Have you been to Valley Garden Park? What feature is your favorite?

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