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Congratulations, you’re having a baby! During such an exciting time, the last thing you should have to worry about is whether you can find the care you want. As a mama myself, I know how many tasks and decisions you have to make during pregnancy. To take some of that off of your plate, I made a list of the 3 most recommended practices for birth. Unfortunately, there are no free standing Philadelphia birthing centers within the city limits. However, these three locations/practices are great options for those willing to extend their network for the birth they are after.

From home birth, to water birth, or in-hospital birth, these options will give you the freedom to choose what is best for you and your baby. I hope that you are able to find a practice that feels right in your journey!

Philadelphia Birthing Centers

Lifecycle WomanCare

This first birth center is one that I, personally, have had the pleasure of using. I gave birth to my youngest here under the care of some amazing midwives and nurses! I was able to eat, drink, walk, and labor in water, which was so helpful during such an exhausting time. Lifecycle WomanCare is a comprehensive care center throughout a person’s reproductive cycle. From GYN care to the delivery of your child, they are able to work with you to create a personal care plan.

They create a partnership with their patients, and make sure that each person’s care and birth is specific to their needs. Lifecycle WomanCare is located on the Main Line near Bryn Mawr Hospital. The Birth Center was the first licensed free-standing birth center in Pennsylvania. They boast a homelike birth experience for expecting people who want a more holistic approach to birth.

The Birth Center: Holistic Women’s Healthcare

If you are wanting a water birth, then going to Wilmington, Delaware for care may be your best option. Pennsylvania hospitals and birth centers do not allow birth in water. With many options during labor left up to the laboring person, The Birth Center creates a patient focused birth experience. They believe in allowing the birthing person to choose the position most comfortable for them, while keeping a safe, supported space.

The Birth Center not only offers birth services, but also GYN care throughout a person’s lifetime. Whether you are looking for a water birth or not, this birth center in Wilmington is a highly rated option. I have heard many local mamas boast about the care they receive here!

Philadelphia Midwife Collective

The Philadelphia Midwife Collective does not have a free standing Philadelphia Birth Center, but they are working towards opening the first. While doing this, they also offer inclusive prenatal, birth, and postpartum care. The Midwife with this practice offers home birth or hospital birth through Einstein Medical Center. The staff here offer queer/trans competent care to ensure safe options for all.

Along with birth care, they also offer well-person, fertility, lactation, and surrogacy care. No matter your journey, you are sure to find the support you are looking for, because the Philadelphia Midwife Collective is so inclusive. I love their mission and vision to create more options for birthing people in the Philadelphia area!

Philadelphia Birthing Centers

As a mama myself, I know how special this time in your life is! If you are looking for someone who understands your experience, and knows how to document it beautifully, click to learn more about how I can help as a Philadelphia Maternity Photographer.

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