Moon and Arrow Philadelphia | A Boutique for Mom + Baby

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So many moms find themselves stretched thin and wondering if they will ever feel like themselves again. It can be difficult to find time to shop for ourselves when we are often focused on our little ones. In comes Moon and Arrow Philadelphia. This gorgeously curated boutique has items for mom, baby, and home, and can be your one stop destination to find pieces that bring new life to you and your wardrobe.

I know when I became a mom to my two little ones, I found myself lost and only being “mom”. Embracing who I was aside from “mama” will always be hard. But, I found that taking time to work on hobbies, going shopping, or even getting dressed just for me was game changing. Be sure that you take time for just you. Without guilt, pause, or sadness. You deserve to treat yourself! Read on to learn about the amazing things Moon + Arrow has to help you find yourself again.

Moon and Arrow Philadelphia

The Shop

Moon and Arrow is located on South 4th Street in the Queen Village section of Philadelphia. You can visit the shop Tuesday through Sunday throughout the year, but you can also shop at your convenience online. I always love the option of online shopping, because of how busy life can get! The shop’s website boasts being socially-conscious and environmentally responsible, which almost always makes a shopping experience more inviting.

The Items

This shop has so many amazing items for you to choose from. Whether you are looking for jewelry, clothes for you or baby, or home goods, you will surely find something you love. Each month, Moon + Arrow features a new visiting artist or curator, putting their work on display for sale. These brands align with the vision and mission of the shop, so shopping both collections becomes a cohesive experience.

If you are looking for clothes to refresh your wardrobe, then you will find a collection of beautiful, handmade items to browse. They source these pieces ethically from all over the world. Though, it is important to note that not all clothing will fit all bodies. Many of the handmade clothing items are available in just one or two sizes, which unfortunately limits who can purchase.

Nonetheless, there are still plenty of gorgeous items within the shop for you to rejuvenate your spirits. Chelsea Pearce, the owner, along with two other jewelers design all of the signature jewelry pieces found in the shop. All other pieces are designed and handmade by artisans around the world. Pieces are full of color and creativity, which brings a new level of fun to your outfits.

The shop also carries a beautiful array of toys, books, blankets, and more for your littles. These pieces are not only great for little ones’ play and development, but will also look beautiful in your home!

The Experience

As part of the shop experience, Moon + Arrow hosts a variety of pop-ups, workshops, and events throughout the year. These include seasonal celebrations and artist workshops for you to learn a new skill or two! Along with connecting the shop to their customers through unique events, they are dedicated to supporting the causes they love. Throughout the year, they are using their platform and sales as a way to fundraise for non-profits. Some of these non-profits include LandHealth Institute, North Philly Peace Park, and The Innocence Project.

Moon and Arrow Philadelphia | A Boutique for Mom + Baby

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