Childhood & Education Coexist at Montessori Schools Philadelphia 

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Regarding our kids and their education, it’s only natural for us to want the very best available for them. Encouraging a genuine love for learning while building confidence and independence while they are little can set them up for a great relationship with education later in life. While we want their later years in education to be successful, we don’t want to rob them of the joys of being a child. Especially by cramming them with studies when they long to socialize, play, and discover. If only we could have our educational loving and play-driven cake and eat it too! With these Montessori Schools in Philadelphia, you absolutely can!

Four Best Montessori Schools in Philadelphia

Fishtown Montessori

They were founded in 2017 by a lifelong educator, Denise Spetrino, who had a dream to provide children in the neighborhood with an exceptional and high-quality learning environment. With her vast knowledge about teaching, learning, early childhood development, and educational administration skills, she makes learning a fun but productive experience. Their staff fosters the curiosity and wonder that naturally inspires learning using the following principles: Joy of learning, Respect for and preservation of natural development, cultivating Peace through learning about culture and humanity, and Authenticity in this Montessori School in Philadelphia’s programming.

They run on a typical school year calendar, with dynamic summer programs offered to provide complete year care for working families. 

  • Toddler Classroom (24-35 months old)
  • Primary Classroom (mixed age 3-6 years old)
  • The “Kindergarten” Year (ages 5+ before September 1st)
  • Extended Care Programs

Their authentic Montessori program follows the guiding principles of the American Montessori Society. It can be found at 307 E. Girard Ave.

Philadelphia, PA 19125. you can also apply on their website to get on their waiting list now!

Clementine Montessori School

In 2009, a group of devoted parents gathered around a kitchen table with a shared desire. They wanted to provide their children with a Montessori education. Still, They were dissatisfied with the options in Center City Philadelphia. So, with excitement and dedication, they eagerly set out to create a new school with an authentic Montessori learning environment. After countless hours and hard work, these founding families and community supporters were able to build a family-oriented and enriching facility staffed with highly qualified professionals.

Additionally, this Montessori school in Philadelphia offers two classroom programs for mixed ages. This creates well-rounded opportunities to learn from and teach their peers while enriching them with music, Spanish, art, gardening, theater, STEM, cooking, and community engagement opportunities.

  • Preschoolers (3 to 5 yrs. old and potty trained)
  • kindergarteners (5 to 6 yrs. old)

This outstanding school is located at 2013 Appletree Street

Philadelphia, PA 19103. You view more information and apply for their programs on their webpage.

Greene Towne Montessori

Founded by parents and their dream for a racially, religiously, and economically integrated school, in 1966, Greene Towne Montessori opened its education doors in Saint Clement’s Church. Providing a well-thought-out and engaging learning environment for children, they flourished in their own building, where they continue to foster curiosity, independence, and a thirst for knowledge. Similarly, children gather in the standard Montessori multi-age classrooms and start a journey of learning with the guidance of their qualified and experienced teachers. 

  • Toddler House (18 months – 3 1/2 years)
  • Primary School (18 months – 3 1/2 years)
  • Kindergarten Year (5 by September 1st)
  • All Day Montessori (after-school care)
  • Summer Camp

This excellent and engaging Montessori School in Philadelphia is found at 2121 Arch Street, Philadelphia, PA 19103. Still, it has plans to move across the street to occupy three floors plus an expansive roof deck at 2140 Arch Street (entrance at 55 N. 22nd Street). You can schedule a tour or submit an application online.

Little City Montessori

Their fun and fantastic staff offer children 2-6 years old an integrated education throughout the day. That is accomplished by giving them space, activities, and physical instruction that encourage individualized discoveries with structured physical activities in their spacious activity center. Also, the Kertsman family founded this school with the dream to combine Montessori philosophy with a focus on movement.

  • Toddler program (2y – 3y)
  • Primary program (3y – 6y)
  • Kindergarten year (5y – 6y)

This fun and energetic school is found at 5th and Master St. Philadelphia, PA 19122. You can apply and view their tuition online.

Montessori Schools Philadelphia

If you’re looking to foster a love for education and still let them be little, you can’t go wrong with these Montessori Schools in Philadelphia. Not to mention, each of these excellent schools strives to provide the best education possible. Additionally, Montessori programs allow childhood and education to coexist in beautiful ways by encouraging them to socialize, play, and discover.

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