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Visiting the toy store is a hallmark of childhood. Unfortunately, traditional toy stores that provide exciting hands-on interactions with toys are hard to come by in modern times when online shopping is often preferred. However, there is something unique and exciting about visiting a toy store in person. Particularly where a child’s imagination and sense of wonder can run free as they explore and interact with various toys and activities. For families in the Havertown area in Pennsylvania, Learning Express of Havertown provides an authentic, traditional neighborhood toy store experience that children desire. 

About the Learning Express of Havertown

Traditional toy stores are not a relic of the past! At Learning Express of Havertown, customers of all ages can enjoy a lively, interactive shopping experience where kids and families can find toys that bring delight and fun. But, the days of the welcoming neighborhood toy store aren’t over – Learning Express serves as a hub for the Havertown community to come together and create happy memories. 

Locally owned and operated by Rich and Fran Gordon, this toy store is a hub of activity, serving as a place for friends, families, and neighbors to meet and shop. A true local meeting ground, this is a store where employees aim to get to know you and your children by name, cherishing your unique interests and backgrounds. All of this while providing excellent customer service. 

Toy Experts of Havertown

The friendly team of Toy Experts helps give suggestions tailored to children of all ages and stages. Employees can help families pick out gifts for any occasion, from baby showers to birthdays to holidays. Each toy on the shelf is carefully evaluated to provide customers with the most valuable, user-friendly, quality toys from around the world. Learning Express carries the perfect mix of traditional toys and modern innovation. 

In these times, children’s schedules are jam-packed with activities and responsibilities. They often include far too much screen time during independent play. Learning Express offers a valuable alternative to families who strive to give their children more meaningful and fun technology-free experiences. Families can enjoy toy demonstrations, gift recommendations, toy interaction at the store, and more! Each visit to Learning Express is truly a hands-on experience the whole family can enjoy. 


Learning Express of Havertown provides toys and activities for kids of all ages and developmental stages. Parents can shop by category or age to quickly find the perfect thing for the little ones.  

Do you have a child that loves action and is constantly on the move? Learning Express carries a variety of action, skills, and sports toys. You can find anything from rocket kits to remote control robots, launch gliders to water guns, and bubble kits to kickboxing accessories. Most important, plenty of fun activities keep your children entertained for hours. You can also find a variety of fidget toys, including slime, sensory bins, stress balls, and more. 

If your kids often complain of boredom, then you can pick up some boredom-buster toys at Learning Express. Games and activities such as slime, card games, Mad Libs books, art supplies, Play-Doh, doodle pads, and jewelry-making kits can keep your children entertained. 

Learning Express is also a great place to find educational toys and activities. To provide children with enriching educational experiences that make learning fun, their store always stocks:

  • Sensory bins 
  • Learning workbooks 
  • Writing skills activities 
  • Stacking toys 
  • Blocks
  • Books 
  • Puzzles 
  • Pretend play accessories  

Travel and Collectible Toys

If you’re taking a family trip, consider purchasing some travel toys before your adventure. Kids can get bored in the car or on a plane, but bringing along a few new activities can help the travel time pass faster. Activities such as water painting books, dry-erase workbooks, puzzle cubes, sticker books, drawing pads, and scratch art books are easy to take along on any adventure. 

Families can also find various collectible toys at Learning Express of Havertown. Squishmallows, Surprise Dolls, Pokemon cards, model cars and planes, and Lego sets are just a few of the many collectible items sold at Learning Express. 

Even tweens and teens can find fun items at Learning Express like slime kits, stomp rockets, card games, Lego sets, remote-control toys, instruments, and much more. There really is something for everyone!

Special Offerings

Learning Express offers complimentary services such as gift wrapping, free personalization, free in-store events, and a free Birthday Box gift registry program to make families’ shopping trips as hassle-free as possible. 

Parents can create a gift registry online to share with family and friends before a celebration. 

You can find Learning Express of Havertown at 1305 West Chester Pike, Havertown, PA, 19083. They also offer shipping and in-store pickup for families’ convenience. 

Learning Express of Havertown

Neighborhood toy stores bring joy and excitement to the community. They encourage families and friends to come together and enjoy unique, interactive shopping experiences. However, many modern-day toy stores, including online, don’t allow customers to have hands-on interaction with toys and activities. At Learning Express of Havertown, kids and families can enjoy a meaningful, friendly shopping experience at this locally-owned toy store. 

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